A New 1000 Hills Tourism Website

In keeping with the fast paced advance of the internet and all things related, it was decided at a previous 1000 Hills Tourism board meeting that a new website should be commissioned and launched. And I’m please to say, this has been done!

New 1000 Hills Tourism Website

The new website has been quite an undertaking, especially if one considers that the members who serve on the board, do so voluntarily and of course their skills may not necessarily lend themselves to website development, the internet, social media interations and so on.

After quite a great deal of research, we finally settled on a website design that satisfied exactly the terms of reference we had laid down. We wanted our new website to be fast and load in small devices like smart phones and tablets. We also wanted scalability, so that as our tourism network grew, so would our website. We also wanted ease of use so that new users wouldn’t have a difficult learning curve to overcome. This and more was discussed in early meetings.

Finally though the moment of truth has arrived and the new design is now live. Of course this is still just early days, the website will evolve and change as our needs evolve and change with respect to tourism in the Valley of 1000 Hills area.

For the time being though, we’re all very proud of our new website that is easier to navigate, and faster to boot. Over the next few weeks we’ll test and add new functionality including a events calendar and extended membership directory.

Valley of 1000 Hills Members

To our valued members, please visit out website and give your feedback and suggestions; it’s only through this feedback that we can ensure we have the best possible website in order to further promote our members interest. We also ask that you drop us a line and let us know about up coming events in the 1000 Hills area.



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