Kloof Conservancy Indigenous Open Gardens 2015

Kloof Conservancy is hosting the 2015 annual Indigenous Open Gardens in the grounds of the exclusive Cotswold Downs Estate.

The 2015 Indigenous Open Gardens show will showcase not only the gardens at Cotswold Downs Estate but also the grounds of the estate which include riverine forests, ponds, wetlands and grassland. The environmental policies, including water and waste management, will be on display and will aim to generate debate and seek ways to lift the environmental standards on housing estates of the future. While housing developments invariably mean there has to be a compromise on land use, the Cotswold Downs Estate is an example of where a sincere effort and investment has been made to find a sensible balance. There will be small gardens to “browse” past, but they will be almost secondary to the walks around the estate. The walks are aimed at providing a tangible appreciation of what environmentally responsible development means.

For more information view the Kloof Conservancy Website at www.kloofconservancy.org.za/indigenous-open-gardens/


Taken from “The Crest Online”.

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