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Drum and Bell Country Pub and Restaurant

Drum and Bell Country Pub and Restaurant
  • 10 Old Main Road, Outer West Durban 3626
  • +27 (0)31 783-4011
  • jlinnow@mweb.co.za
Type: Family, Eat, Restaurant
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The Drum and Bell Country Pub and Restaurant may be a small eatery, but its charm, charisma and idyllic positioning certainly makes it one to be remembered. Overlooking the breathtaking Valley of 1000 Hills in KwaZulu-Natal, this is a hotspot for hungry travellers, peckish sightseers, or locals wanting to experience the untainted beauty of their surrounds.

The Valley of 1 000 Hills boasts spectacular scenery, fauna and flora, coupled with excellent dining and accommodation options. As its name implies, there are thousands of hills that follow the course of the Umgeni River, creating a natural treasure trove of all things beautiful.

Drum and Bell is situated on the halfway mark of the Comrades Marathon route. Its name refers to the drum and bell that would be sounded to alert the slaves in the valley that they were to have their lunch break. While slavery was abolished generations ago, there is a haunting memory that pervades so much of this part of South Africa that visitors will undoubtedly feel it resonate within them.

The Drum and Bell Country Pub and Restaurant is a cosy, inviting meeting place for tourists and locals alike. The outdoor dining area makes for the ideal spot in which to enjoy fine fare and the gorgeous weather for which the province of KwaZulu-Natal is so well known. There is also an intimate indoor dining room. Live music assures diners of an irresistible vibe on Friday evenings and lazy Sunday afternoons. Sunday evenings are rounded off with fun karaoke performances.

The Drum and Bell is great for the whole family. The menu is varied, catering to a range of different palates and preferences, and parents are free to enjoy their meal while the little ones pass the hours in the fun playground, which includes a koi pond and a jungle gym.

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  • 031 322 2855 / 4
  • info@1000hillstourism.co.za