Woza Moya Craft Store

Woza Moya Craft Store
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Woza Moya

Crafts that uplift, empower and inspire…

Woza Moya “come winds of change” is HACT’s award-winning economic empower project that uplifts, empowers and inspires local people impacted by HIV/AIDS by providing training and support to local artists and crafters.

Through its four Durban-based retail outlets, online shop and network of local and international partners, Woza Moya currently enables of 350 local crafters to earn a sustainable income through the sale of their proudly South Africa, hand-made products and market access to a further 1500 crafters every month.

Over 95% of our Woza Moya project beneficiaries are currently women, many of whom are the breadwinners in their families.

Our Woza Moya Team can be contacted at:

Tel: +27 31 765 5866

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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