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Khabza de Khabza Arts Centre

Khabza de Khabza Arts Centre
  • 134 Esivivaneni Road, Mpumalanga Township 3699
  • 072 507 7344
  • vusikhabza@gmail.com
Type: Music
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Khabza de Khabza Art Centre is a medium enterprise, which is registered as Non Profit Organisation. The size of the facility is 500m2 with a seating capacity of 150 persons. This centre is located in Ntshongweni at Esivivaneni Area, which is a semi-rural area, 2 km away from Mpumalanga Township next to Hammarsdale industrial area. Khabza de Khabza is 40 Km West of Durban and 30 Km East of Pietermaritzburg. The building is situated alongside the main road that is extending from unit 6 of the main township, leading to N3 freeway midway between Durban and Pietermaritzburg.

Khabza de Khabza Art Centre will provide fully equipped quality venue for live performances of music, poetry, comedy and so on, and is a suitable venue to offer training and development programmes for young people. It will provide a decent Lounge, Restaurant, Bar and Coffee Shop. The venue has a wide parking area that can accommodate 30 cars within the premises. Other parking available just outside that premises can accommodate another 30 cars.

Khabza de Khabza Art Centre as Tourist Attraction/Destination
Ntshongweni is one of the most attractive places in KZN. It gained its popularity as the valley of 1000 Hills. The land of which the centre is situated has a beautiful view that provides unique rural features, natural forests, hills, valleys, original Zulu Houses and societies that have cultural pride, respect and humanity. The centre shall provide entertainment for the tourists and local communities as most safety, private and suitable venue for relaxation, meditation, business networking and cultural exchange and tourism.

Main Functions of The Centre

Cultural Development
Khabza de Khabza Arts Centre shall provide platform for the local artists that bring about the sustainability of our South African Culture and Heritage through performing arts and festivals.

Art Community Centre
Khabza de Khabza Art Centre shall host concerts that would be featuring national and international prominent musicians. It shall be used as one of the venues for major annual festivals such as international Film Festival, Time of the writers, festivals etc.

Corporate Functions
Khabza de Khabza Art Centre will be used for special occasions such as conferences, wedding, dinner parties, promotional events, seminars, training sessions etc.

Music School
The other potion of the centre will be used for music school activities so as to provide music training to empower upcoming musicians and the youth of MPUMALANGA TOWNSHIP and surrounding areas. This school will also include sound engineering lessons as they are part and parcel of live performance.


Weekly Performances
The upcoming artists will perform live 3 times a week as part of development and a way of giving them a platform where they can showcase their talent and on the last week of the month, Professional musicians will provide live performance as a way of inspiring the youth people. This is another way of creating more jobs for musicians.

Annual Arts Festivals
We intending to host 2 festival in a year, one will be on the 25th of MAY (which is Africa Day) the 2nd one will be on 25 DECEMBER (which is Reconciliation Day) the theme of the festivals will be to celebrate our Heritage and who we are through music. The festivals will have music, indigenous dances, comedy and poetry.

Map Directions
  • 031 322 2855 / 4
  • info@1000hillstourism.co.za