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Website Statistics for 2019

Website statistics are a valuable sorce of data for all businesses Website statistics are a valuable sorce of data for all businesses Photo by Carlos Muza on Unsplash

Throughout the year visitors check out the 1000 Hills website and thanks to the magic of Google, we can see exactly what is so popular on the 1000 Hills CTO website. Why is this important you may ask? Well, website statistics give us a great overview on what visitors to the website are actually thinking. Want to know more? Then read on.

Over the past year, the 1000 Hills CTO website has been visited by users from around the world. As visitors click on and navigate through the website, Google analytics tracks the users and we as the CTO can then see just how our users are interacting with the website.

The value of this is that we can then gauge what it is that people are wanting. As an example, if more clicks are on "what to do" then it's clear that we need to a) ensure that the "what to do" section is up to date and informative and b) start producing content that is specific to other sections of the website to promote say "accommodation". This is valuable information that we collect and it can help not only the 1000 Hills CTO, but you as a member of the CTO should have access and be able to use the information.

The reports for 2019 are linked below in pdf format, simply click on them to view in the pdf viewer of your choice.

  • Audience Overview for 2019 - pdf link
  • Website Data Overview for 2019 - pdf link
  • Website Pages Overview for 2019 - pdf link
  • Website Acquisition Overview for 2019 - pdf link


Here's the condensed version


The number of website sessions served up


The number of pages served at each session


Views for "what to do"


Views for "where to stay"


Views for "where to eat"


South African visits


Visits from the USA


Visits from the Uk


Visit from KwaZulu-Natal


Visits from Gauteng


Visits from Western Cape


Visits from the Eastern Cape


Desktop visits


Mobile visits


Why this is all important

Responsive Website

Having web stats like those above can guide you on how to go about laying out your website. Take the last two figures for example. Nearly half of all visits to the 1000 Hills website are from mobile users. This is a statistic that is actually pretty common through the world. So if your accommodation website is not mobile friendly, then there's a really good chance that you are missing out on potential clients! So, check your website using your own mobile phone and make sure that your site displays neatly, that the contact forms work, that images display etc. Also ensure that your site doesn't take more the 3secs to load onto your mobile device; 3 secs is kinda the longest most people are prepared to wait for a website to load.

Website Content

Again, using the stats provided above, we can see that the overwhelming majority of visitors to the website are looking for "things to do". So maybe they are on holiday in Durban and are keen to see what's happening elsewhere - right away you can gain an edge over your competitor by simply posting some posts on your site that directs people to activities in the area. And you can do this as the owner of an activity like a Zulu cultural theme park, or a tour guide, or even a accommodation owner. Remember, 518 and site visitors were actively searching for "something to do" in 2019, and in 2020 that figure is going to sky rocket! Make sure you are preparing the way by posting about all there is to do in the area around you.


Website statistics can help your business

Every month the 1000 Hills CTO will post the analytics from the previous month, and at our first networking session, we will even ask an industry role player to give some informal advice to all our members on how they can gather statistics from your own website to better help you promote your own business.


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