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1000 Hills Website Statistics for Dec 2019

Website Data is a Valuable Asset in Understanding User Journeys Website Data is a Valuable Asset in Understanding User Journeys Photo by Luke Chesser on Unsplash

More and more companies today are investing in data collection on their websites and, there is a very good reason for this. Diving into the statistics of a website gives business owners and managers great insights into the intent of their users and so can guide decision making. We at 1000 Hills CTO collect statistics so that you, our members can do the same.

Website Usage Overview

Once again, the page with the most page views on the 1000 Hills website has been "what to do". This is no real surprise. Fact is, many people that are visiting Durban are going to look for something to do while in Durban, and if you consider our Google Ads campaign has specifically targeted "what to do" as one of the matching keywords, it makes sense that this page would be popular.

Next up was "where to eat" making up 7% of all searches and in third place, "where to stay" with nearly 5% of all searches.

Again, consider that these stats only reflect December of 2020, you could make the assumption (based on these and other stats) that booking of accommodation are generally made some time in advance of the December period.

What to take from this? Your marketing of your establishment, be it a B&B, hotel or backpackers should be started way ahead of time, perhaps as early as September for the December rush.

Likewise if you own a restaurant or attraction in the 1000 Hills area, definitely start promoting your establishments in the December period, target search terms that are relevant to what potential customers are actually searching for, that "what to do" and "where to eat". Consider a big social media splash if advertising a "Holiday lunch" or even just a new menu or specials.



The majority of page visits (exactly 87%) came from within South Africa, with the USA coming in second (6%) and coming in at third place was Germany at under 1%.

Of those page visits from within South Africa, locally Berea made up the bulk of the page visits at 34%, followed by Durban at 16%, Sandton at 5%, Ashburn at 4% and PMB at 3,5%.

Once again the take away from this is that if you are investing in Google Ads, then you could target specif regions in order to make your spend far more effective.



We've said it before and we'll say it again (and again, and again), the majority of website searches are done on mobile devices, and the stats bare this out. Roughly 72% of all page visits were from mobile devices! What this translates to, is that if your website is not responsive (mobile) friendly, then you are potentially driving away business.

Check your own sites on your own mobile device, they should load quickly (no longer than 3 seconds), and the user journey, whether it's buying an item or making a booking or just even submitting a query, should be as simple and painless as possible!


Problem Areas

Having said all that, the 1000 Hills website is definitely not perfect. Firstly it's far too slow. Secondly far to many visits to the home page resulting in users abandoning any further page visits. This is a major problem because it seems to indicate that users are not finding the website usable or are unable to locate the information they want.

We are addressing this and are working to a new 1000 Hills website that will help to satisfy the users journey.



We make these statistical reports available to our members (and others) to download and read at their leisure. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


What Can We Learn From This?

From the the 1000 Hills website point of view, targeted pieces of content is going to make the biggest difference. If a user searches for "what to do" while in Durban and one of the first page content items is "Family fun in 1000 Hills", well then is going to be viewed. So clearly we need more content that is specific to the search that the users are making.

As a member of the 1000 Hills CTO, the same advice would apply. Coming up soon is the Easter break, some ideas that you may wish to consider as content items for your website are;

  • Advertising any Easter specials
  • Writing blog posts that speak to families over the Easter period, an example might be a once a week blog post about children friendly restaurants near your establishment.
  • Producing media content for your social media channels specifically targeting Easter.

We at the 1000 Hills CTO will be embarking on similar styled campaigns so keep visiting the website and take advantage of what the website offers, up date your details, add any events or specials and contact us to write some guest blogs.


Until next time friends,

Shelldon Wells

Chairperson, 1000 Hills CTO

Country and Coastal Touring



Hi! My name is Shelldon Wells and I'm a tour operator based in the Valley of 1000 Hills. Not only do I manage Country and Coastal Touring and take guests on tours, but I often write about the Valley of 1000 Hills as well as subjects such as the battlefields of KwaZulu-Natal, fly-fishing and more (I clearly do not own a TV!). It just so happens that for my sins I am also the Vice-Chairperson of the 1000 Hills Community Tourism Organisation (for 2020) and serve on a number of tourism related associations.


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