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What is the N3 Gateway Association?

The N3 Gateway Association Website The N3 Gateway Association Website The N3 Gateway Association Website

Some of our members may recall that some time ago the 1000 Hills CTO had become members of the N3 Gateway Association. But what exactly is the N3 Gateway Association and how does it benefit the 1000 Hills CTO and more importantly, you, our members? Read more about the the N3 Gateway Association here.

You will have seen a few emails from the 1000 Hills CTO asking for events you may have to be sent on to Lori of the N3 Gateway Association (N3GA from here on in). If you had sent something in, then that event would have been advertised on the N3GA website for all to see; it may well have been promoted on the N3GA social media channels as well.

But what exactly is the N3 Gateway Association?

To find out more, I got hold of Lori Voss of the N3GA to find out more, this is what she had to say...

 Some Background

The N3 Gateway Tourism Association was established in March 2008. It was initiated by N3 Toll Concession (RF) Proprietary Limited (N3TC) and has, to date, been primarily funded by N3TC. It is a registered Non-Profit Company that was formed to fulfill the role of marketing the region as a world class travel destination to domestic and international tourists.
The N3 Gateway region runs from Tshwane/Pretoria in the north to Valley of a Thousand Hills in the south, traversing four provinces, namely KwaZulu-Natal, Free State, Mpumalanga and Gauteng. The region incorporates cross-border tourism with Lesotho, through Phuthaditjhaba, Caledonspoort and Sani Pass; and includes the Battlefields Route up to Newcastle.
The project is managed by a Non-Executive Board of Directors and a team with the skills and expertise required to enable the N3 Gateway to fulfill its purpose.


The main purpose of the N3 Gateway is to collectively market and showcase the tourism experiences of its membership. It is the N3 Gateway’s objective to co-operate and work with every sector of the tourism industry and contribute towards the development and growth of tourism in South Africa and in this way contribute positively towards the economy and create new jobs.




N3 Gateway attends several tourism trade and consumer shows each year. These include Indaba, at which the N3 Gateway has been a regular exhibitor since 2009. All members are invited to register as sharing exhibitors and thereby benefit from the reduced costs and cross marketing benefits on offer. The consumer shows that the N3 Gateway have attended are the Beeld Holiday Show, Gauteng Outdoor Eco and Adventure Expo and the Gauteng Getaway Show. 
Brochures & Printed Materials:
The N3 Gateway produces an annual Members Brochure in DL format, which gives a brief overview of each member and includes a map of the route and list of the N3 Gateway Information Nodes. 
Another method of marketing available to N3 Gateway members is the N3TC custom publication – MobilityMobility is produced three times a year – one for the Easter peak period and the second for the December peak period – and distributed through N3TC subscription list and website. N3 Gateway members are invited to submit articles on their areas for editorial consideration.
Digital Marketing:
The N3 Gateway has developed several digital marketing tools including a comprehensive website, monthly eNewsletter, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages.
N3 Gateway Radio APP
With the funding assistance of the N3TC, the N3 Gateway Radio App (soon to be launched) will be able to further promote our members through vital information on tourism businesses, traffic updates, events, specials and further of interest information one can find along the N3 Gateway route. Read here for further information on the N3 Gateway Radio APP


The N3 Gateway is recognised by South African Tourism and KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Tourism as a key roleplayer in the tourism industry. It is registered with the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Economic Development and Tourism as a Tourism Association.


To become a world-class tourism marketing association, renowned for innovation, collaboration, environmental sustainability and responsible tourism


As an over-arching tourism association our mission is to:
  • Collectively market the products, services and experiences offered by our members;
  • Develop the institutional capacity required to meet the needs and expectations of our stakeholders;
  • Produce high quality marketing materials that appropriately and effectively market the N3 Gateway Tourism Association and our members;
  • Form strategic alliances with other tourism organisations to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes and overcome challenges which fall beyond the expertise and capacity of the association;
  • Lead and assist every tourism related entity, through its CTO, association or municipality, within the vicinity of the N3 Gateway in becoming a sustainable, mutually supportive and successful enterprise, each following its own objectives; and
  • Assist the local, provincial and national tourism authorities in achieving their short, medium and long-term tourism objectives.


So How Does This Help You as a Valued Member of the 1000 Hills CTO?

  1. As a paid up member of the 1000 Hills CTO you can have your product added to the N3 Gateway website at no cost; that's right, a free listing for your business! This naturally means another opportunity for prospective clients/customers to find you.
  2. The N3 Gateway Association books stands at a number of different trade shows around the country and then distributes the 1000 Hills brochure at those shows - so if you are a member then you'll get that exposure as well.
  3. If you are planning an event in the 1000 Hills area (and are a member) then you can ask the N3 Gateway Association to add your event to their website.
  4. Throughout the year the N3 Gateway Association also promotes the 1000 Hills through blog posts, social media channels and more - again just another useful opportunity to connect to your market and no extra cost to you!
  5. There's even the possibility to be a part of the blogger trips that are organised by the N3 association throughout the year.


Taking Advantage of What the N3 Gateway Association Offers

To ensure you are not left you need to make sure that firstly, you are a paid up member of the 1000 Hills CTO. Next up you need to ensure your product has been added to the 1000 hills website and that the details are correct. Finally. you need to let us know if you're having an event or perhaps a special of some sort happening and we'll help to ensure you benefit from your membership.



Hi! My name is Shelldon Wells and I'm a tour operator based in the Valley of 1000 Hills. Not only do I manage Country and Coastal Touring and take guests on tours, but I often write about the Valley of 1000 Hills as well as subjects such as the battlefields of KwaZulu-Natal, fly-fishing and more (I clearly do not own a TV!). It just so happens that for my sins I am also the Vice-Chairperson of the 1000 Hills Community Tourism Organisation (for 2020) and serve on a number of tourism related associations.


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