A Zulu Cultural Experience Day Tour in the Valley of 1000 Hills

The Valley of 1000 Hills is one of the best places in South Africa to experience some Zulu hospitality and to learn more about the Zulu people's culture and customs.

On this tour we'll travel deep into the rural Valley of 1000 Hills for a tour of a Zulu village where a guide from the village will take you on a walk through the village. You'll have an opportunity to meet the Chief of the Village and his wives as well as learn about the important role that the Chief's still play in South Africa Today.

You will also get to meet a Sangoma, the spiritual healer and guide of the village as well as enjoy a refreshing drink at the local "spaza shop", the social center of the village. Visitors will get to walk to the nearby river and learn more about the role it plays in the Zulu village and be taught by your guide on how to make a Zulu love bracelet.

Finally you will also have the opportunity to enjoy a Zulu dance show that depicts the traditional courtship and marriage of the Zulu people.

This tour is available throughout the year. We'll collect you and drop you off at your accommodation anywhere in the Durban or surrounding areas.

Additional Info

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